We offer a variety of classes that suit all levels of yoga. From newbies, weekend warriors, to the more consistent and seasoned yogis; all of our classes are suitable for everybody from beginners to experts.


“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the Self.” – The Bhagavad Gita

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice. Over 5,000 years old; The word “yoga” in Sanskrit means union. A timeless art, philosophy, science and technology. The primary teachings of yoga are a very intelligent system which focuses on cultivating a healthy body, mind and soul. By attaining self-awareness, we will inevitably discover our oneness with all that is; anyone can become completely liberated on the path to enlightenment. Developed and evolved over many years, since before the written word, to the Vedas, through to the Raja Yoga tradition and beyond. The many different styles of modern yoga today still encompass the eight limbs of yoga introduced by the great yogi and sage, Patanjali.


Vinyasa yoga, is an active practice that connects physical postures through movement with the breath. In a heated environment of 32 degrees Celsius, Vinyasa will create heat within your body. This increases circulation improving both your body’s cleansing and healing processes. Balancing both strength and flexibility, this style of yoga also benefits every system within the body. All levels beginners to advanced

Benefits: Health / Weight loss / Strength / Flexibility / Mindfulness / Stress Relief

Flow & Yin

Is a beautiful combination of a gentle vinyasa flow followed by a yin sequence.

Suitable for all Levels

Benefits: Health / Weight loss / Strength / Flexibility / Mindfulness / Stress Relief



The Prenatal yoga is a unique fusion of yoga poses, breathing practices, meditation & relaxation, childbirth education and mentoring for birth. You will prepare for the intensity of labour, strengthen your body and make a strong connection with your baby for birth and into motherhood. You’ll also learn ideal positioning for a comfortable labour, valuable birth tips for all types of births, in all locations, and gain insights for preparing for the challenges of labour, one breath at a time. The classes are suitable for beginners to regular yoga practitioners who are 12 weeks gestation onwards. Increase: Health / Weight loss / Strength / Flexibility / Mindfulness / Stress Relief


Yin Yoga, is a gentle and passive style of practice which accesses the subtle energetic body and the connective tissues; fascia, tendons, ligaments and deeper areas of the joints. Yin postures are held for several minutes to effectively activate the meridian lines. This increases the flow of energy around the body, assisting the health and wellbeing of certain organs and systems within the body. Suitable for all levels

Benefits: Health / Flexibility / Mindfulness / Stress Relief


Develop tools and techniques of Meditation. All meditation classes are by donation.

All levels beginner to advanced

Benefits: Health / Mindfulness / Stress Relief


Why Hot Yoga?

The heat applied makes you more malleable and enhances flexibility. This allows you to go deeper into the postures. 

Detoxification: The heat causes you to sweat out excess toxins, which will inevitably aid in health and recovery.

We use infrared / radiant heaters which heat objects and not the air itself, so you can breathe naturally but still receive the benefits of practicing in a heated environment.

Not sure if hot yoga is for you? Give it a go before you say no! 

"Without practice, nothing can be achieved." Sri Patanjali  

Teacher Training

200hr Yoga Teacher Training July 2021. Book now!

Meet Our Amazing Teachers

Kirt Mallie
Polly Wilson
Jeff Oliver
Sue Orrego
Amy Quinn
Louise Walker
Dan Ballard
Stephanie Trainor
Astrid Serpentine
Marnie Lane

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Bring a towel, water & a mat. (Mat hire $1.00)

Be on time & get settled before class starts

If new come 10-15 minutes early to fill in new student form

Sign in w/ teacher & advise them of any health concerns before entering class

Switch phones off or to silent

Shoes & egos are to be left outside the room

Follow the breath, listen to your body, and take a break if needed

Enjoy the class & make the most of your experience

Use spray & wipe provided after using hire yoga mats

Please consider others when entering & leaving the studio.